Hi, I’m Brandon. The radio thinks I’m a emotional 90s teen.

Tunnel vision.

This album always makes me think of Portland. The heart yearns.


There’s a lot to not like about Atlanta. 

The traffic. 

The rude people in traffic.

The lack of bike lanes.

Those in Buckhead that come on the shuttle to Edgewood.

The pharaoh's heat in the summer.

But there’s too much more to love.

The fall, the spring.

Good lord, the food.

Relentless hope for the Falcons and Hawks.

The people you run into on the train.

Or on the Beltline. 

Or at Yasin’s waiting for fish.

The constant beat of the brave and beautiful city.

Atlanta isn’t a choice. 

We can all choose where to live.

But when do you have a chance to make a city?

To get in the red clay, get dirty, build something new.

That’s the rare part of America’s story right now.

Atlanta is the city that you make.

I can’t imagine a better city to call home again.

A city that cannot stop marching forward. 

Let’s get to work, Atlanta. 

Let’s make ATL.

Georgia MultiModal Passenger Terminal from FXFOWLE on Vimeo.

The Georgia MMPT is a 2013 conceptual design developed for FIC (Forest City Enterprises, Inc.; The Integral Group, LLC; and Cousins Properties, Inc.) by FXFOWLE Architects in association with Cooper Carry Associates. The project is currently under review by state and federal agencies.